Interpreting and Translation

High fidelity interpreting and translation services between English and Russian.

Definitions of terms:
Interpreting means conference interpreting - oral - consecutive or simultaneous live, in the 'on-line' mode.
Translation: means written translation of documents.

People or machines?

There are numerous ways to translate a given phrase or a sentence ('string' as we call it) into a foreign language. Even a single word may have a variety of meanings (and of translation equivalents). Therefore the problem of translation continues to resist (so far!!) attempts to automate it. When the databases of translation computers become similar in size, content, and power to the linguistic experience of a bilingual human being, then the job of a human translator will die.

Interpreting is not quite the same. Proper recognition and interpretation of human speech (sometimes less coherent than the speaker would assume) will probably stay for some time an entirely human domain.

This means that for some time a client seeking an interpreter's services may find himself in the position of someone trying to buy a product which he cannot properly evaluate. The solution is to rely on qualified experienced professionals with reliable references.

We can provide such references upon request

We, at George Gause Inc....

We at George Gause Inc. have decades of experience in interpretation and translation between Russian and English. Our main strength is the combination of language skills with the personal working experience of our staff in Science, Medicine, Technology and Business

Below is a partial list of our satisfied customers

Bristol-Myers Squibb
Hoffman LaRoche
International Monetary Fund
US Department of State
US Department of Energy

Areas in which our services have been used include:
Medical sciences (Cardiology, Oncology, Psychiatry)
Registration of Pharmaceuticals (in Russia)
Biological Sciences
Environmental reports
Chemical Sciences
Drug Enforcement
Computer Science
Control and Accounting of Nuclear Materials
Communication Technology
Banking and Finances

Our interpretation and translation service is extremely accurate, we call it 'high fidelity', it is discreet and effective.... Customers who worked with us usually return again and business relations often last for many years.

"Russian Language Experts in Science, Medicine, Technology and Business"