Daisies Ромашки!

You can see her every Saturday and Sunday near her stand at the famous Andreevsky Descent (Andreevsky Uzviz) in downtown Kiev. Her name is Lyudmila Vasilenko, Ukrainian artist. Formerly an architect, Lyudmila completely switched to painting during the last ten years. Her favourite themes are village landscapes, monuments, Ukrainian themes in general, and particularly beautiful flowers. I think daisies is her favorite and the most successful theme. Walking down the sidewalk, where dozens and dozens of pictures were offered for sale literally by crowds of painters, many of them quite exciting, I stopped by her stand, attracted by the elegance and strange charm of her watercolors. She makes them by what she calls her unique technique. A pencil drawing on dry paper, than the paper is soaked in water and applied onto a glass. The actual painting is made on a wet paper stretched on glass... You see the result.
If you happen to visit Kiev, come to see her improvised stand at the Andreevsky Uzviz. Saturdays and Sundays. This will be time well spent. Lyudmila Vasilenko can be contacted through her Kiev phone number (38044) 546 5003

George Gause

I have been painting since I was 15