Lake Moldino Озеро Молдино


Udomlya Tverskoi, Russia


Udomelsky District Tverskoi, Russia is where these photographs have been taken over a period of forty years.

Internet search for keyword Udomlya these days yields several hits related to Nuclear Safety at Kalinin NPP and "perspectives of Nuclear Energy production until the year 2015". Now Udomlya has its server and Internet provider. But the region of Udomlya (Udomelsky krai in Russian) is famous for being very scenic and for its rich cultural tradition. Many outstanding Russian painters used to live and work there over the last 150 years. 'Over the Eternal Peace' painted by Isaac Levitan on Lake Udomlya around 1894 belongs to better known masterpieces. But there were also many other outstanding artists - and images.

We present this collection of photographs with the purpose to show that special beauty of Udomelsky Russian landscapes, and in order to share with you the excitement coming from looking at the beautiful scenes of nature.

These photographs have been taken on Lake Udomlya and around it by Dr. Alex Zbarsky, Dr. Yuri Dudnik and myself during many seasons from 1958 to around 1987. We plan to add new pictures to this collection on a regular basis.

George Gause