Poems of Dr. Victor Fet

Dr. Victor Fet graduated from the Novosibirsk State University (Siberia, Russia) in 1976, and from the Zoological Institute (St. Petersburg, Russia) in 1984.

Worked in the national parks of Turkmenistan (Central Asia) in 1976-1987. In 1988 emigrated with his family to the United States. Former places of residence: Tennessee, Louisiana. Currently teaches genetics at Marshall Univeristy, Huntington, West Virginia. Conducts research in scorpion taxonomy, genetics and evolution. Freelance Russian-English translator. Writes poetry since 1973 in Russian; in English - since 1995. Dr. Fet is especially interested in the poetical reflection/interpretation of biological and evolutionary theories.

Dr. Victor Fet Department of Biological Sciences
Marshall University,
Huntington, West Virginia 25755-2510 USA
phone (304) 696-3116 
FAX (304) 696-3243

'Under the Glass - collection of poems'

'Dolly's Follies or the Song of Mouton'


"'Слушайте Смехова'" (no equivalent English title)

'Fourteen Poems'
'New Poems of the Year (2000)'

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